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10.02 “Real and Unreal.” exhibition

    Eduard Zentsik, Yury Khorev, Olga Tyurina, and Maria Sambuko – will showcase 17 art pieces created in the genres of painting and graphics. These works, rich in inspiration from recent years, are not only creative embodiments but also unique stories told by the authors.

    You will immerse yourself in the world of symbolism and modernity, where each painting is a dive into the soulful landscapes of the artists.

    SillArt is not just an art gallery and hub but also a non-profit organization aimed at the development of culture and contemporary art. Throughout our first year of existence, we have organized numerous exhibitions, festivals, film screenings, and creative meetings. This year has been diverse and inspiring! Are you with us?

    Join us in this wonderful exploration of the “Real and Unreal.”

    Live music at the opening by the team.

    Music: Ivan Šek, Pavel Klišin (Sillamäe Music School)

    Presentation of the photo book by Anton Serdjukov. Anton Serdjukov – “I love my hometown Sillamäe. Therefore, I always tried to capture it in all its states – as it is, as we make it. And here we have compiled a small photo book together with the Narva project and had it printed in Tallinn. I emphasized geography to show how our city is connected to other cities.” Author mediaLAB.

    Presentation of the annual SillArt magazine.