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28.04.23 // Exhibition by Alexander Nikolaenko

    On April 28th at 6:00 PM, an exhibition of works by Alexander Nikolaenko will be presented at Mere pst 3 (second floor).

    Alexander Nikolaenko is a graphic artist and painter originally from the city of Liepaja, also known as “under the linden trees”. The diversity and uniqueness of Alexander Nikolaenko’s techniques have been recognized by colleagues and representatives of the museum and cultural community of Europe. For instance, at one point, the director of educational and exhibition programs at the Louvre, Manon Potvin, who is herself an artist and graphic designer by training, showed genuine interest in the artist’s new original techniques. Alexander’s artwork has been collected by prominent figures in European culture, such as Phillip Cooperi Effel, the founder and head of the “Friends of Gustave Effel” fund and descendant of the famous engineer and builder, as well as his patroness, Madame Karin Peugeot, the descendant and heiress of the inventor of the eponymous car brand. Other notable collectors include Paulina Cruzeman, a museum expert from the Netherlands and former director of the Historical Museum of Amsterdam, British diplomat Derek Lavery, and many other famous personalities. Experts in the European art market see clear signs of the new wave of contemporary art in Alexander Nikolaenko’s recognizable authentic style.

    Musical accompaniment at the opening: Pavel Klishin (guitar)