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Art of Eduard Zentsik “UUS TUNDMATU”

    On August 11th at 6:00 pm, there will be an art exhibition at SillArt gallery by the artist Eduard Zentsik. The exhibition is called “Uus Tundmatu” or “The New Unknown”. The name makes us think about what the future holds for us, as it’s always full of unknowns. Maybe art can give us some hints?
    Eduard Zentsik is a multifaceted and prolific artist. His paintings create a fantastic space that seems to have room for all kinds of things and ideas. Every era and culture are influenced by his art, but there’s a mysterious system behind it. Let’s try to understand it better…
    At the exhibition, Eduard Zentsik will show 20 artworks that combine modern street art with art from the Renaissance era. There will also be experimental electronic music by Söma to create a unique atmosphere. The goal of the exhibition is not just to showcase the artist’s creations but also to bring together the cultural community of our region and get attention from people who are active in the world of art in Sillamäe. If you’re interested, come and join us!