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Syria: behind the scenes of war

    The exhibition by journalist Aleksei Ivanov tells about the war-torn Syrian Arab Republic. The war there has been going on for ten years and has cost tens and even hundreds of thousands of lives, both the Syrians themselves and the inhabitants of many other countries.

    “War, war never changes…”

    The opening of the exhibition will take place at meediaLAB at Mere 3, Sillamäe on Saturday 14 October at 16.00. Journalist Aleksei Ivanov travelled to Syria in March 2017 as part of an unofficial delegation of members of the European Parliament. By that time, the war in the SAR had already been going on for six years. The humanitarian consequences of the conflict at that time were catastrophic, but, unfortunately, behind the headlines and reports from the front line, the world did not notice the main thing – a large-scale human tragedy.

    Millions of Syrians were displaced from their homes, five million fled the country and were forced to live in huge camps on the territories of other countries in appalling conditions. The death toll, according to UN estimates, has so far exceeded 350,000 people.

    The exhibition presents 20 photographic works telling about the life of Syrians behind the front line.

    Aleksei Ivanov has been working in journalism for 18 years. During this time he has been published in dozens of publications in Estonia, Russia, Ireland, France and many other countries of Europe and the world. He participated in the production of a documentary series about the service in the Estonian Armed Forces for ETV+ channel, and is also the producer of a series of literary events “New Evening” regularly held in Narva.

    Live music by Söma (AQ) & Igor Vorotnikov (piano).